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The Socialware platform provides a spectrum of solutions for regulated firms and their employees to manage risk, comply with regulations and generate business on social media.


Help Producers Manage their Social Media Presence

For producers, like financial advisors, managing their presence on social can seem like a time consuming, daunting task. They don’t have the time or expertise to spend hours curating social media posts, sharing content and determining what’s effective and what’s not.

Socialware’s Social Media Publishing (SMP) solution makes managing a producer’s social media presence easy. With Socialware’s SMP solution, producers can publish social media posts to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn from one location. They get access to a library of pre-approved content provided by the firm’s marketing team to share on their social networks. To make things even easier, producers can subscribe to campaigns that get shared to their social networks automatically or they can schedule content and posts to be shared at a pre-set date and time of their choosing.

Socialware’s Social Media Publishing solution also provides a dashboard of metrics, giving producers insights into things like which content is performing the best and potential new contacts.