Solutions By Module

The Socialware platform provides a spectrum of solutions for regulated firms and their employees to manage risk, comply with regulations and generate business on social media.


Find and Share Relevant Content

Producers need to find and share targeted, relevant content on social in order to build relationships and generate business. But finding the time to source content and make sure it’s personalized enough to be interesting to a contact is nearly impossible, especially when the content also must be compliant with industry regulations and firm policies.

Socialware’s Social Content Recommendation (SCR) solution helps producers build credibility and deepen relationships with prospects by automatically identifying and suggesting articles from thousands of sources that are relevant to the interests listed on contacts’ social media profiles. Producers can share the content on social media or share it one-on-one with contacts through built-in and customizable templates that can be shared via email or through LinkedIn’s InMail. Producers can set email prompts to remind them to share content with contacts at specified intervals.

Additionally, firms can implement Socialware’s SCR solution with an integrated content library and archiving for a complete, compliance-ready content platform.