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The Socialware platform provides a spectrum of solutions for regulated firms and their employees to manage risk, comply with regulations and generate business on social media.


Protect and Preserve Your Brand

Social media has made it easier for firms to conduct business online and create one-on-one relationships with their customers, partners and employees. But social has also made it easier for any entity to create a social media account representing the firm’s brand, even when it may not be sanctioned or related to the firm.

This environment makes it hard for marketers, legal counsel and risk management teams to know and keep up with the risk to their brand on social and the web. Most firms have hundreds if not thousands of instances of their brand on social media—often unsanctioned. This puts the firm not only at legal risk, but also at risk of reputation damage to their brand.

Socialware’s Social Brand Protection (SBP) solution allows firms to automatically discover, inventory, monitor and patrol its points-of-presence that exist across the web and social, giving marketers and legal teams the peace of mind that their brand is not being misrepresented. Socialware’s SBP solution automatically and continually audits a firm’s social media and web presence and brings all instances to the attention of the firm. Firms can create a living inventory of their “official” social media properties and identity which belong to employees, partners or customers. Firms will receive alerts when any changes have been made to their social media accounts or if new instances are created. And Socialware’s Social Brand Protection solution makes it easy for teams across the enterprise—like marketing and legal—to work together through automated workflows and communication.