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The Socialware platform provides a spectrum of solutions for regulated firms and their employees to manage risk, comply with regulations and generate business on social media.


Manage Non-regulated Users on Social

Firms may have controls and rules in place for their regulated users—like financial advisors—on social, but they are likely not managing what the other employees at the firm are doing on social media when they are in the office.

Many firms simply switch off social access, but that means employees can’t take advantage of social for things like customer support, market research or tracking information about stocks. But on the flip side, allowing unmanaged social access means employees could inadvertently put the firm at risk, even if they don’t require regulatory oversight.

Socialware’s Social Access Control (SAC) solution allows risk professionals to have control over what the firm’s employees do on social media while in the office. With the Socialware’s Social Access Control capabilities, risk professionals can put access controls around which features an employee can and can’t use on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn while in the office, reducing the risk that social media can pose to the firm.

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