Socialware Marketing Solutions


Marketing professionals thrive on measuring and delivering business impact. Adding a social media strategy to the corporate marketing mix promises revenue potential but executing that strategy means new challenges. How do you leverage thousands of financial professionals to extend your target market beyond the immediate network, all while reinforcing the brand and demonstrating campaign effectiveness?

It is not enough to have generic market data, like knowing an article was posted on a particular social network. You need to understand which assets are making it to which markets and which assets provide the most value, all while upholding the company brand. You want a solution that automates social marketing across the enterprise and provides insight into customer behavior and reach. That’s a different kind of insight: that’s Social Intelligence.

At Socialware, our Marketing solutions give you that Social Intelligence. With Socialware, you can automate brand-compliant campaigns through social networks, effectively activating your financial professionals’ networks to drive new business. With our Marketing solutions, your team creates a library of brand-compliant assets for use by your financial professionals. Using a personalized landing page as the content hub, the financial professional forwards your social campaigns to their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter networks. Socialware solutions allow you and the financial professional to extend direct connections to develop relationships with second and third level contacts and beyond. With our dashboards, you gain insights into which financial professional’s campaigns worked best on which channels and can continuously adjust those campaigns to provide the most value. As your brand-compliant social campaigns get distributed and optimized, your network and business opportunities grow.

With Socialware solutions, you can automate efficient enterprise-wide use of social media and profitably expand business opportunities. That’s Social Intelligence.

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