Socialware Compliance Solutions


As a compliance professional, you’re no stranger to executing standard corporate policies for your employees. But social media presents new risks and concerns on an unprecedented scale. How do you enforce a compliance policy across thousands of financial professionals and feel confident you are minimizing the risk to the business in this rapidly evolving market?

Exercising the strategy of “trust and verify” does not work for social compliance. To successfully limit your exposure and risk, you have to prevent inappropriate user activity before it occurs. Your prevention must also keep pace with the ever-changing regulations and social networks features. You need a technology partner who provides flexibility and configurability inside the product. That’s a different kind of approach: that’s Social Assurance.

At Socialware, our Compliance solutions give you that Social Assurance. With Socialware, you can create and enact a social media policy that aligns with industry best practices; systematically minimize risk; and, confidently turn public social networks into powerful revenue channels. With our Compliance solutions, your team oversees social content and activity, has a compliance-ready archive of online activity, automates compliant profile management, and prevents prohibited user behaviors online. To support your ongoing social compliance efforts, Socialware tracks and adapts our technology to accommodate and enforce new compliance regulations and new social features.

With Socialware solutions, you can control social media risk on an enterprise scale. That’s Social Assurance.

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