• VIDEO: Social Network Listening for Financial Professionals

    Financial professionals are always looking for better ways to use their time as they build valuable relationships with their clients and prospects. They know that their contacts are using social networks to talk about the important changes in their lives — things like relocations or new jobs — but they don’t have time to comb through their networks every day to find them.

    That’s why Socialware is proud to introduce our Social Network Listening software. Socialware Listening alerts financial professionals of their best opportunities, delivering updates right to their inboxes. Each alert represents a chance to begin a timely, relevant conversation with a likely prospect — with just one click.

    Video: How Social Network Listening Works

    In this video, Socialware CMO Bruce Milne explains how professionals use Listening to grow their books of business by responding quickly and effectively to their contacts’ needs — transforming social networking efforts into real business value.

    Success in the Field

    This technology is already rolled out at market-leading firms, where financial advisors, wealth managers, and insurance agents are using it to harness the scale and speed of social media to enable more of the most important client conversations. We’ve just issued a release explaining how Listening is already being used at one of our client firms:

    Socialware Launches Social Network Listening Platform for Professional Relationships

    . . . Ameriprise Financial participated in a beta rollout of the new platform. “Social networking is an increasingly important strategy used by our advisors to identify potential clients and engage with current ones,” said Jon Pauley, Senior Vice President, Interactive Strategy & Marketing at Ameriprise Financial. “Socialware essentially provides an automated social ‘to do’ list for our advisors, alerting them to only relevant updates and recommending action. It eliminates the time and resource burden of manually combing through the network feeds every day.”

    These results are just the beginning. Stay tuned, because we’ll be giving you much more information on Listening and how it increases business success for financial professionals. Meanwhile, if you’d like to know more about what Listening can do for your firm’s professionals, please contact us.

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