• Social Media- More Conversations Needed

    At a conference session earlier this week, I had the pleasure of moderating a discussion about social media with representatives from Legg Mason and AIG Advisor Group.  We covered a lot of ground discussing questions including:

    1. How does social media fit into your firm’s priorities and strategies?
    2. How did your firm get started with social media?
    3. How does your firm stay informed about regulatory updates on social media?
    4. How can financial advisors be most effective and efficient with social media?

    The audience was great and jumped right into the discussion illustrating a key point from the panel:

    More Social Media Conversation is Needed

    A recurring theme was that more conversation is needed across the board… whether within firms among different departments or to also continually share best practices with advisors.  Discussion is needed as well between firms and the regulators to continue clarifying the challenges and opportunities of social media in both directions.  Thirdly, dialog between firms throughout the industry to address different business use cases for social networking with LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

    Additional Social Media Questions from the Audience…

    What are examples of measurable social media success for advisors? Here are few resources that provide insights into answering that question…4 Helpful Social Media News Articles and On Wall St., Keeping a Tight Rein on Twitter

    Where can you go to understand the regulatory updates? One suggestion is the compliance category of our blog and another is our partner LIMRA and their dedicated compliance twitter handle @LIMRA_CRS

    What are other resources for having those conversations to learn more about social media?  The panelists discussed the value of attending conference sessions.  At Socialware, we also think it’s critical that there are venues focused on delivering insights and dialog. Examples include:

    1. IT Forum Addresses Social Media Challenges of CIOs
    2. Financial Services Marketing Leaders Discuss Social Media
    3. It’s Not Just Social Media: You Want Social Connection
    4. Compliance Leaders in Financial Services- You Are Not Alone!

    Whether commenting here on the blog, emailing info@socialware.com, or reaching us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, we welcome hearing your thoughts, questions and comments and keeping the social media conversation going strong.

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