• Announcing the Launch of Socialware Voices

    Last week we made one of the most significant announcements in the company’s history, the launch of Socialware Voices. If you missed the news, Voices is the first measurable social business solution designed specifically for the financial services industry.

    Over the past few years, we’ve been helping firms move from a state of prohibition to participation as it relates to Social Networking. Along the way we’ve all learned a lot. We’ve learned how firms should overcome potential pitfalls of enabling compliant access. We’ve learned how quickly the social platforms and their use can change and how this impacts adoption. We’ve also learned that it takes more than just access to social sites to realize the full potential these platforms have to offer.

    Instead of just bolting on new features to our compliance solution or taking a generic approach to creating a mechanism to engage on these social sites, we took a step back. We interviewed countless customers, partners, end users and industry experts. We focused on the desired outcomes financial industry executives were looking for (measurable BUSINESS impact). And we looked for opportunities to tie everything into a cohesive social business strategy, not a social experiment. With that knowledge, we built a solution from the ground up, specifically for this industry, and integrated it with the core compliance capabilities of Compass.  This ensured that we were not only driving measurable results, but also doing it in a compliant fashion.

    The result is Socialware Voices. The industries first social engagement software that empowers financial services sales channels to attract, win, and serve a broader community of loyal customers. Of course, this is how I think about the product. Here is what Steve Holstein, CMO of Guardian has to say:

    “Voices is the only social business product we’ve seen that can provide our workforce with a compliant, powerful, and easy to use internet presence combined with rich reporting tools and analytics.  Voices shows the individual and the enterprise how business leads are actually being developed through social networking.”

    The accountability bar for social media has been raised across the financial services. Executives that can deliver results, and prove it, have an opportunity to re-define and re-energize their organizations. Those that simply spend and don’t measure could eventually see the fate that their projects will see – they will be cut.

    If you are interested in learning more about Socialware Voices, I encourage you to check out our website and of course, feel free to contact us for a more in depth discussion.  We look forward to discussing your firm’s goals and the challenges you’re facing. In return, we’ll share the specific ways that social business can re-define how the field manages relationships with current and prospective customers.

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