4 comments on “Socialware and LinkedIn to tackle Financial Services

  1. Congratulations to Socialware and LinkedIn on this outstanding relationship. Hopefully the first step of many to get the financial services industry more engaged in the use of social media tools to connect and share quality content.

    Victor Gaxiola

  2. Tomoko Edwards says:

    I also read the press release from Socialware ( ) on your new relationship with Linkedin that will enable financial services organizations and professionals to access Linkedin while remaining compliant with relevant regulations.

    Congratulations for the launch of the new service!

    However, it is not clear to me how this new service tied into Linkedin works. Do the financial services organizations have to sign up for a special service for this provided via Linkedin? If so, what is the pricing and process to sign up for the service? Or does the financial services firms have to sign up for Socialware’s service such as Socialware Compass? Socialware Compass seems to cover other social media other than Linkedin, though.

    This new alliance between Socialware and Linkedin sounds very good, but I would like to know how exactly the service works.

    I would appreciate it if you could help me understand more about this new service: how to sign up for it and

  3. Chad Bockius says:

    Tomoko – thank you for your comment and questions. This relationship provides a number of benefits to our clients. One area in particular is broader access to LinkedIn API’s. I won’t go into all the technical detail but in a nutshell this will help expand the Socialware Compass offering such that firms can confidently open access to LinkedIn on any device, at any time, from anywhere. When you combine this enhanced access with our already proven solutions around social media compliance you remove yet another barrier to firms adopting sites like LinkedIn. All of this capability is provided directly through Socialware Compass. To learn more and to find out how to sign up please drop us a line at and we can route you to the right team members on our end.

  4. Christie Campbell says:

    LinkedIn announced today that their network continues to grow and is now over 100 million

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